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Custom Sports Towel

Our cooling sports towel is designed for the most active individuals,

keeping you cool and comfortable during any workout or outdoor activity.

Cooling Towel Bulk

Features:Innovative Cooling Technology for Optimal Performance

Custom Sports Cooling Towels

Perfect Cooling Towel


Towel Size:30*90cm or any customized size

Material : Recycled PET plastic bottles Microfiber Fabric, Microfiber Fabric 20% polyamid, 80% polyester

Logo:Full printed or positioning logo


  • Quick drying & highly absorbent 
  • Antibacterial & skin friendly
  • Ultra compact & light weight
  • Sun protection and breathable material
  • Multipurpose towels

Sample charge:USD100/design

Lead time:7-10days


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Premium Fabric that Keeps You Cool and Dry

Personalized cooling towels are made with high-quality durable soft and comfortable materials

advantage of sand free beach towel

Comfortable fibers

With microfiber technology, the pile surface is tight and not easy to fall off, the material feels soft and waxy,skin friendly and no pilling

advantage of microfiber suede beach towel

Fresh and cool

Technological fabrics absorb sweat and moisture quickly, conduct moisture and dry quickly, fresh and breathable 

Wide Applications For Sports Cooling Towel

Cooling sports towel perfect for running,hiking,swimming etc.,sports

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Quick-Drying Microfiber Towel for gym
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Why Choose US

Instant cooling towel for Hot and Sweaty Workouts

Logo Cooling Towel Manufacturing

Say goodbye to sweaty workouts and hello to a refreshing cool down with best cooling neck towel

1.Fabric weaving

We use high quality yarn and imported machines to weave the towel fabric to ensure the towel quality.

2.Towel Printing

The design can be full printed or just logo positioning printing,any design can be customized,our digital printing machine require NO MOQ,one piece can be customized.

beach towel printing
microfiber fabric cutting

3.Fabric cutting

The fabric will be cut according to the design and customized size,our experienced workers can decrease the size tolerance.

4.Towel sewing

We have well experienced and skilled tailor to make sure each towel is sewn in good condition without defects.


All towels will be inspected strictly before packing and shipment,we have professional internal inspection team to ensure the quality of every towel.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes,Our factory locate in Yiwu,Jinhua Zhejiang Province.Welcome to visit our factory when you come to China.

A sports cooling towel is a specialized towel designed to cool the body during or after exercise or outdoor activities.

A sports cooling towel works by using a special material that retains water and cools the skin through evaporative cooling.

The benefits of using a sports cooling towel include reducing body temperature, minimizing sweat, and preventing heat exhaustion.

To use a sports cooling towel, simply wet it with water, wring it out, and then drape it over the desired area of the body.

The duration of a sports cooling towel’s cooling effect depends on various factors such as humidity, wind, and body temperature, but typically lasts for a few hours.

Yes, most sports cooling towels are machine washable, but it is important to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

 Sports cooling towels come in various sizes, usually in 30*90,50*100cm,60*120cm.

Yes, many sports cooling towels can be customized with logos or designs to promote sports teams or businesses.

We accept 30% deposit and 70% before shipment.You will get images or video for the finished products.


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